As part of the celebration of the AIGA Centennial, I was selected to create a motion piece to be shown at the AIGA Centennial Celebration of Music and Design in Miami, Florida. Given the first movement, 'Autumn', from Toru Takemitsu's Rocking Mirror Daybreak, I sought to create a motion piece that would aid the viewer's listening experience, and give some structure to the very abstract composition.

Design and animation for AIGA.

New World Symphony

The piece was accompanied by a live duet performance at the New World Symphony in January 2014. I worked with NWS violinists Kayla Moffett and Audrey Wright to refine the animation to fit their playing of the piece. The animation had to sync up with the music at key moments, but still be flexible to fit the fluid tempo and the imperfect nature of a live performance.