The Sprite Corner

The Sprite Corner was a bodega themed, summer pop-up venue in lower Manhattan. Taking cues from classic New York corner stores, we created an authentic experience that opened up to an event space. The Sprite Corner was open all summer long and hosted events ranging from live concerts to cooking demonstrations and photoshoots. I helped to determine the look and feel of The Corner and took on the design of the exterior of the bodega: the signage, awning, posters, window decals and neon.

Design, illustration, and art direction for W+K NYC with Darren Philip, Brian Metcalf and Serifcan Ozcan.


We also developed an animated toolkit to be used in video features and across Sprite's social media. I designed and storyboarded the animations and worked with the incredible Giant Ant to animate them frame by frame, in a way that felt authentic to the bodega style of The Corner.