The Inquisitive
Explorer's Guide

The Inquisitive Explorer's guide is an interactive way to experience a classic novel. Armed with a map of the novel's entire story, readers read through the book as usual. At the end of significant chapters, the reader finds hint icons leading to specific locations and events depicted on the map that they can interact with. This creates a narrative between the reader and the story without taking them too far out of the world of the novel.

The Experience

Using a phone or tablet, the reader zeroes in on the event on the map, revealing an animated scene of what they just read. The app syncs with their account on the Inquisitive Explorer's website, keeping a timeline of the book so the reader can revisit and make new connections. These animations serve as rewards for progressing through a dense novel, and encourage the reader to keep going and discover more of the entire map.

See a working prototype of the website here.